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Emily's Star Trek Fan-Fic Page!!

People have been here since 11/28/00, and no-one has signed my guestbook *boohoo*


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Welcome to Emilys (me/y) StarTrek Fan-Fic Archive!!!!!!

Hello!! Right now your looking at the futures biggest Star Trek Fan-Fic archive in the world!!!But I don't have very many right now so you gotta E-mail me with fan-fics, questions, comments, or complaints, my e-mail is , don't forget to sign my guestbook!!!!!

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Star Trek Original fan-fics!!!!


Voyager Fan-Fics!!

A New Friend by Darcie Hambleton (my sister)

A New Friend 2 (sequel)

A New Friend 3 (Final Conclusion)

Destination Unseen (another by Darcie)

Final Frontier (more by Darcie)

Fathers By Katie

Getting into trouble By Katie,

Regrets By Katie

The Veiw By Katie

Banana Pancakes 1 By Amy Elizabeth

Banana Pancakes 2 By Amy Elizabeth

Being Alone by Amy Elizabeth

Chocolate or Vanilla by Amy Elizabeth

Chocolate and Vanilla 2 by Amy Elizabeth

Every Single time, Forever by Amy Elizabeth

Space of Seconds by Amy Elizabeth

You Left the Toilet Seat Up by Amy Elizabeth

Hidden Emotions-by Peggy Schultz


The Next Generation!!




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