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Emily's Newsboys Fan Site

Welcome to my Newsboys fan site!

On my site I have lyrics, and pics and stuff, and I'll add more later but for now it is totally incredibly boring.

I just added a bunch more pictures to my Photo album. go take a look, (i even have of Peter with *Gasp* HAIR!!!!)

Thanks for taking a look at my site. Be sure to sign my GuestBook below or send me a private e-mail with your thoughts and suggestions. I'll be updating frequently, so please check back often. (my E-mail address is

I have 5 of the Newsboys Cds! going public, take me to your leader, step up to the microphone, love liberty disco, and shine: the hits, ( just thought i'd say so...)
I've had some problems with my guestbook lately, (the buttons dissapeared) I fixed it so now you can sign it again (yaaaayyyy!!!!)

my personal webpage

Hands playing guitar; Actual size=240 pixels wide

The Newsboys!!!! Peter, Phil, Jody, Duncan And Jeff!!!!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Sign My Guestbook!!!! pwease!!!!!!!! you can just say how much this site is boring, or how boring this site is.

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