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my startrek fan page

Welcome to My Webpage!!!!


HI! My name is Emily,I'm 12 years old and I live in New Hampshire, I like rollerblading, startrek, Star Wars, Reading, Playing my Guitar, Eating Ice Cream, listening to music,(oldies, newsboys, steven curtis champman),(I hate n*sync) (but I love) singing and acting.
I want to be a singer when I grow up, or maybe not when I grow up maybe now, and if not a singer a guitarist.

Once I saw an ad in the paper looking for models, and i asked my mom to take me to the auditions, and i got all pretty and stuff and me and my sister auditioned for a modeling company called "on-trac modeling" and they offered me and my sister contracts!! but mom diddn't want us to because she diddn't want to pay for our professional portfolios, (expensive pictures) *makes face*

I started taking guitar lessons last week (today is 11-28-00). my teacher has a recording studio in his house!! when i'm good enough I'll write some more songs and make a demo in his studio and send it to MCA or something. :-)

Please sign my guestbook with any comments you have about my site. You can also contact me privately. I love to get E-mail!!!!

Me and my sissy

Thats a picture of me and my twin sister Darcie (I have the short hair and the Lace)

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What's New?

This is where i say whats new.

12/12/00 added more pics to Newsboys website, added a section of pics in Personal website (this one)

11/28/00 I added a web counter and added another paragraph of text to my music section, and built a Newsboys fan site, find it at:

10-25-00 Gee, it's been awhile. added new links to Favorite Links section, I have also been tweaking little stuff all month so it looks a little different then from when i first launched this site.

9-19-00 made new website: (cool huh?)

9-18-00 Added new MIDI files to my MUSIC!!! section

9-16-00 Welcome to the start of Emily's Page!!! WAAAHHHOOOOO!!


my favorite guitar tabs for my favorite guitar song, Classical Gas (stop laughing!!)


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